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Some marry luxury, and some marry fine, and some marry romantic but simple

Thursday, March 23, 2017 6:21:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

So what kind of marry your way? Inventory six simple and romantic marriage proposal.
With her scarf blindfolded her eyes to take her to the place of marriage, let her open your eyes, you kneel on one knee, his hands holding the diamond ring, while telling the declaration of love, ask her to marry you.
Take her to her favorite dessert shop, let the chef put your marriage proposal into the dessert, when she eat your marriage proposal, you can Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra butterfly bracelet marry, dessert shop more romantic atmosphere, girls will be more like But take care not to let her swallow the diamond ring to the stomach.
Invite your friends and family to dinner at home, but at this time, but you have to show a small moment of performance, in the room you will be able to publish your marriage proposal, and your friends opened to write you willing to marry me? Of the banner or a small flag, so that everyone together witness your love.
In the early morning of a weekend, you talk about roses, rings, delicious Western food ready, and then a scorch kisses her to get up, gentle to tell your marriage proposal, give her a big surprise.
The roses will be laid on the bed and paved into a heart-shaped look, and then put a gift box with a wedding ring placed in the center of the roses, when she opened the gift box to find the diamond ring, then you from the waist ring Live in her, tell you how much you love her,Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra long necklace hope she marries you.
Take her back to your first meeting or the first date of the place, while secretly ready to diamond ring, roses, champagne and the like to celebrate, and then find the right time to marry her.

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How to play Perlée signature bracelet jewelery this inner charm and function

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 6:27:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

high quality replica van cleef arpelsFirst of all should know what occasion to wear any jewelry, what occasion can wear jewelry problems. In the past, people think that only formal and solemn occasions can wear jewelry, other occasions is not suitable for wearing jewelry, in fact, this is a kind of understanding of the deviation, as long as the right to wear, any occasion can wear Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra bracelet jewelry. We have a deeper understanding of clothing, know that there are suits, casual clothes, dress, casual clothes and so on the difference, and know that in different occasions to wear different clothes, and in the jewelry to wear, it seems lack of knowledge, A piece of jewelry to wear it is no longer off, what occasion is it. Several major occasions to wear jewelry should pay attention to the matter:
For professional women, Zhiye Zhuang accessories more restrictions, in line with certain principles, in fact, their own spend a little thought, clever choice for their temperament and style of Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra necklace 6 motifs jewelry, create their own unique taste, you find confidence and success key. In order to break the uniformity of the professional clothing color, you can in the chest and hair, as well as some of the necklace with some vivid colors of colored stones, in the solemn and serious wear and tear, the transmission to the vitality and beauty of women. This choice of colored gemstones, we must pay attention to the grade of precious stones, precious stones must be pure color, gem of the fire must be good, precious stones must have aura.
 At the same time on the basis of Zhiye Zhuang, clever with jewelry, can play a clever change the effect of professional appearance, where the two most important jewelry is the necklace and brooch. In the suit suit the edge of the other side of a curved design of the brooch, you can make the solemn of the suit to add Jixi active dynamic; necklace length, material color, and the design style of different, clever mix, the same can Increase the suit of dynamic and rhythmic beauty. Special career and special occasions, it is best to wear suitable for their own professional personality and their own taste of personalized jewelry, jewelry should be full of emotional culture connotation, making it a symbol of the body language, it is best to wear professional Designed to create a unique Van Cleef & Arpels Lucky Alhambra butterfly ring jewelry products. The most fully reflect their own unique taste and personal charm. Usually, home travel and leisure, the same should pay attention to the form of jewelry and wear with the clothing, generally in this informal occasions, wearing a design of colored stones and semi-precious stones jewelry, and casual wear with each other, plain Out of a different kind of taste. Spring Festival visit relatives, is that we fully show their own personality and taste the best time to wear, timely and appropriate to wear colored stones jewelry, will give this special millennium spring, add a little color, and will give your family and friends Kind of warm and relaxed feeling. During the Spring Festival, such as participation in the celebration party and other formal occasions, should wear a design of precious jewelry accessories, wearing more than two jewelry, it should be noted that with the Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra earstuds jewelry designer to help you solve this problem, the design of the package jewelry.
 Treat the suit must be careful to wear, wear inappropriate, it will make a joke. In general, for everyone, it is essential, formal occasions, in principle, is required to wear suits or close to the suit of high-end jewelry. Set in the material, style, technology has a certain request, requires consistency. Two sets of accessories, a wide range of applications, the general situation is more casual, can be equipped with any clothing, into any occasion, but the requirements of replica van cleef arpels Magic Alhambra Mother of Pearl 6 Motifs Necklacejewelry materials, modeling, workmanship, and the environment, clothing can match. Four sets of accessories, five pieces of clothing to wear must be careful, only more formal and grand occasions can be worn, the environment is not appropriate there will be contrived, too piling up, resulting in negative effects.

As the number of kits increases, the weight of the color increases, and the impact on the color and styling of the garment will be relatively large. Therefore, we must pay attention to match, as well as with the wearing environment coordination. For example,copy van cleef arpels long necklace the emerald suit is best in the evening to attend the formal occasions to wear, jade green in the light, can look elegant and luxurious, and in the sun, covered with green, will be too dazzling. Platinum sapphire set in such a situation will appear more appropriate, will appear calm some. Ruby, diamond set in the light will have a good effect, pearl suite has a strong adaptability, in most cases, will not appear dazzling, the British Princess Diana, there are many pearl ornaments, she often wear best replica cartier love bracelet suite to attend a variety of occasions, always elegant and luxurious. So I suggest that you should have a set of pearls to prepare for use, it is not very harsh with the clothing.

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Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet 5 motifsJewelry can image to show a personality traits, life hobbies, cultural accomplishment and psychological quality and thoughts and feelings.
What color is your skin? Have to say that life is very magical, creating a different race, color, hair color, the color of the eyes will have such a clear difference, like the color of replica Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra long necklace, 20 motifs so diverse. Every woman has a jewelry dream, each color of the people can not interpret the color of jewelry, as long as with the right, as long as the harmony and unity.
 When buying jewelry, should pay attention to the following:
1. According to their own cultivation, hobbies to buy jewelry.
Different jewels give people a different aesthetic taste: diamonds that power and perseverance; red and blue stones symbolic enthusiasm and bold; emerald symbolic and deep; agate symbolic fantasy and firm; pearl symbol of integrity and holiness.
2. According to their age, size, color, face to buy copy VanCleefArpels Sweet Alhambra bracelet jewelry.
Young people to choose a variety of novel style, color and colorful, the price is low as well, in order to popular with the style and replacement, showing the vitality of young people; middle-aged women generally choose to work elegant, high-grade texture, color stability is appropriate The Slim, delicate skin, wear inlaid dark gemstones jewelry, decorative effect is very good; body fat, complexion black wear transparent, light gem series of jewelry, but also get good results. Of course, inlaid high-end van cleef arpels ring replica jewelry, then suitable for any type of person to wear.
3. When buying jewelry, but also pay attention to determine the size. In general, the ring according to the thickness of their fingers to measure, wear in the hands should not be too tight or too loose. If the necklace with pendant, then the necklace should not be too long or too short. 4. When buying jewelry, but also depends on the luster of jewelry. Inlaid copy van cleef arpels earrings jewelry work requirements fine, no deep mottled and dirty marks. If it is jewelry, jade jewelry, then require bright colors, shades affordable, shiny, solder joints smooth, precious stones and the seat to the dense seam, carved floral to be clear, vivid, no sand.

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White Gold Lucky Alhambra Between the Finger Ring Stone CombinationBut the size of the ring should be how to measure it? Who do not want to marry this romantic moment because of the size of the ring problem, too big or too small to bring the embarrassment. In order to foolproof, before the marriage proposal must first measure his girlfriend's cartier love ring copy finger size, which converted into ring size. Look at the size of the ring how it!
(1) while his girlfriend to sleep, secretly holding a small note in her ring finger around a circle, and then use other measurement tools to measure the length of the note, and then converted into a ring size.
(2) photographed her finger photos, pass or give customer service staff to see photos, generally experienced jewelry customer service staff can accurately estimate the size of the van cleef arpels alhambra replica ring for you.
(3) If she usually wear a ring, then secretly send the ring directly to the jewelry store to estimate, if not convenient, you can come up with a piece of white paper and pencil, the ring on the paper, directly Use a pencil to describe the inner circle of the ring.
(4) secretly consult his girlfriend's family or her friends around to see if they know her ring size, or let them help you secretly measure. Remember to do a good job of confidentiality Oh.
(5) can be in his girlfriend to read jewelry magazine, or passing the jewelry shop, waiting for an opportunity to ask her ring size is how to explore the wind, of course, to ask a little natural, you can also discuss the ring style, diamond replica van cleef vintage ring style, These can be asked.
In general, the girl's finger size is more concentrated in the 11,20 between, if the deviation is too large, then it is necessary to pay attention to their own measurement method is not accurate.
   The style of the wedding ring is also a lot of people to marry a beautiful woman dazzled. What kind of style is better? The best of course is his girlfriend like, but because it is a secret marriage proposal, naturally can not be very accurate to know his girlfriend like the style. The most classic diamond ring style is six claw style, has been a hundred years of history, simple and generous, elegant and beautiful, is a very good choice.
Marriage copy van cleef arpels alhambra ring is the first key to open the marriage, the significance of extraordinary. In the jewelry, the most romantic and unique ring is Ring, with its men ID card verification, life can only buy one to give their hearts the most beloved girl this romantic feature, as girls most want to receive the ring, meaning The only true love for life Meet each other is always the most precious between each couple, but also the most sincere and romantic agreement.
How to measure the size of his girlfriend's van cleef arpels sweet alhambra ring, I believe the hearts of men have been roughly some of the program. Each time, the size of the finger will change, for which, Dai Rui jewelry for each customer to provide free modification of the ring hand, with 100 percent enthusiasm for our customers to provide more attentive service.

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High Quality Luxury Brand 1:1 Replica,with unique craftsmanship and carefully selected materials,specializes in Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry was founded in 2002, the domestic well-known van cleef arpels jewelry, cartier love jewelry, Hermes jewelry brand copy, real gold custom. On the domestic Internet to sell high-simulation diamonds, and created a "necklace + ring + bracelet" to buy two get one jewelry sales model, is the domestic senior copy jewelry O2O model leader.
We are currently in the country set up a total of 28 offline experience center for consumers to provide one-on-one exclusive luxury brand jewelry custom custom consultancy services, the Guangzhou flagship experience center covers an area of ​​nearly 2,000 square meters, par the world's top luxury interior decoration The As the leading brand in the top copy diamond industry, we are the first to introduce brand wedding ring customization service, for each pair of lovers love vow to create exclusive shine keepsake.
For more than fifteen years, we have been looking for replica van cleef arpels jewelry a perfect, best-of-breed, selection of global high quality, exclusive launch of the Ultimate Cut "Aurora" round drill series and patented cut Fire Cushion® padded drill series The ultimate pursuit of the quality of diamonds to Seiko craft to create a bright diamond ring, for consumers to bring superior diamond experience. Since its establishment, our company has accumulated millions of members, has become a Chinese couple's wedding ring custom brand cartier love jewelry. At the same time, each of our products continue to keep up with the brand in time to keep up with the latest official website of the brand, hand in hand with well-known designers at home and abroad interpretation of the beautiful luxury, has become a popular star icon favorite diamond wear brand
We have developed the international diamond industry giants attention and recognition, and in the world diamond capital - Belgium Antwerp established a high-level simulation diamond procurement center, and HRD Antwerp, Euro Star and other world authoritative diamond institutions, suppliers to establish a strategic cooperation Partnership, @ in the industry quality advantage, but also the replica hermes jewelry luxury price advantage to the limit.
The success of our replicas has aroused widespread concern in the community, including the "China's top ten most growth enterprises", "the most popular network award", "Chinese enterprises future star", including the awards. CCTV, SMG, "First Financial", "Morning News", "Beijing Evening News", "Southern Weekend" and other national mainstream media have focused on China's online diamond sales industry as a banner.
In 2009, the local experience center was fully upgraded to 4C concept experience center. The standardized brand system covered the Diamond Bird's original diamond ring DIY model, one-on-one diamond service and other advantages of service projects, committed to the dissemination of diamond culture, and " , So shine "brand concept. In the majority of users to bring extraordinary shopping experience and superb cost-effective diamonds at the same time, but also for China's network jewelry industry, the industry standardization of the road to create a new future


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