So what kind of marry your way? Inventory six simple and romantic marriage proposal.
With her scarf blindfolded her eyes to take her to the place of marriage, let her open your eyes, you kneel on one knee, his hands holding the diamond ring, while telling the declaration of love, ask her to marry you.
Take her to her favorite dessert shop, let the chef put your marriage proposal into the dessert, when she eat your marriage proposal, you can Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra butterfly bracelet marry, dessert shop more romantic atmosphere, girls will be more like But take care not to let her swallow the diamond ring to the stomach.
Invite your friends and family to dinner at home, but at this time, but you have to show a small moment of performance, in the room you will be able to publish your marriage proposal, and your friends opened to write you willing to marry me? Of the banner or a small flag, so that everyone together witness your love.
In the early morning of a weekend, you talk about roses, rings, delicious Western food ready, and then a scorch kisses her to get up, gentle to tell your marriage proposal, give her a big surprise.
The roses will be laid on the bed and paved into a heart-shaped look, and then put a gift box with a wedding ring placed in the center of the roses, when she opened the gift box to find the diamond ring, then you from the waist ring Live in her, tell you how much you love her,Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra long necklace hope she marries you.
Take her back to your first meeting or the first date of the place, while secretly ready to diamond ring, roses, champagne and the like to celebrate, and then find the right time to marry her.