White Gold Lucky Alhambra Between the Finger Ring Stone CombinationBut the size of the ring should be how to measure it? Who do not want to marry this romantic moment because of the size of the ring problem, too big or too small to bring the embarrassment. In order to foolproof, before the marriage proposal must first measure his girlfriend's cartier love ring copy finger size, which converted into ring size. Look at the size of the ring how it!
(1) while his girlfriend to sleep, secretly holding a small note in her ring finger around a circle, and then use other measurement tools to measure the length of the note, and then converted into a ring size.
(2) photographed her finger photos, pass or give customer service staff to see photos, generally experienced jewelry customer service staff can accurately estimate the size of the van cleef arpels alhambra replica ring for you.
(3) If she usually wear a ring, then secretly send the ring directly to the jewelry store to estimate, if not convenient, you can come up with a piece of white paper and pencil, the ring on the paper, directly Use a pencil to describe the inner circle of the ring.
(4) secretly consult his girlfriend's family or her friends around to see if they know her ring size, or let them help you secretly measure. Remember to do a good job of confidentiality Oh.
(5) can be in his girlfriend to read jewelry magazine, or passing the jewelry shop, waiting for an opportunity to ask her ring size is how to explore the wind, of course, to ask a little natural, you can also discuss the ring style, diamond replica van cleef vintage ring style, These can be asked.
In general, the girl's finger size is more concentrated in the 11,20 between, if the deviation is too large, then it is necessary to pay attention to their own measurement method is not accurate.
   The style of the wedding ring is also a lot of people to marry a beautiful woman dazzled. What kind of style is better? The best of course is his girlfriend like, but because it is a secret marriage proposal, naturally can not be very accurate to know his girlfriend like the style. The most classic diamond ring style is six claw style, has been a hundred years of history, simple and generous, elegant and beautiful, is a very good choice.
Marriage copy van cleef arpels alhambra ring is the first key to open the marriage, the significance of extraordinary. In the jewelry, the most romantic and unique ring is Ring, with its men ID card verification, life can only buy one to give their hearts the most beloved girl this romantic feature, as girls most want to receive the ring, meaning The only true love for life Meet each other is always the most precious between each couple, but also the most sincere and romantic agreement.
How to measure the size of his girlfriend's van cleef arpels sweet alhambra ring, I believe the hearts of men have been roughly some of the program. Each time, the size of the finger will change, for which, Dai Rui jewelry for each customer to provide free modification of the ring hand, with 100 percent enthusiasm for our customers to provide more attentive service.