She fell in love with him, just a second; and he fell in love with her, but it is 10 years later. At that time her parents are in the army, with a post can not be ignored, she was born to be pet as a princess. He was seconded from the other art soldiers, due to poor origin and was excluded.
 Then she accidentally passed from his window, but a glimpse of it, he was immediately attracted to go. She saw his empty house covered with paintings, smiling people, sobbing people, sad people, happy people, those real face close-up, hanging on a wall, in the cold winter sun,van cleef arpels long necklace replica there is a Kind of beautiful and beautiful and gentle. He kept his eyes and jumped away without a word. It was the romantic dance she had seen, no music, no audience, no applause, but she could hear a heart breathe in the unrestrained dance.
She is from that moment to fall in love with him, and only came to the stage when the performance, she had the opportunity to shoulder and shoulder his joy to dance. Or even occasionally, she also pulled his hand. His palm so warm, she would like to stay forever.van cleef arpels long necklace replica But this is just a luxury fantasy, she has not had time to review, the dream is broken.
Is her father found her look trance, and quickly found that she fell in love with the art troupe born poor him. Father told her very carefully, do not ask for trouble, otherwise they will be all involved in their family. She did not understand, but soon he was decentralized to a remote mountain, and she thought, is in any case to go along with.
Of course he was walking by himself, but she hid from all, posing as a train on the staff, in his upcoming car that moment, will be an envelope with their own photos,replica van cleef arpels alhambra necklace in the crowded crowd quietly plug To his hands. He had a surprise, but had no time to see her next expression, a group of people will be pushed into the compartment.
 But she firmly remembered that he went to the mountain village, a year later, she really found a chance, is the troops of the art of soldiers to Xinjiang. The conspirators asked her why she had to go to such a distant place, she blurted out: because Xinjiang is close to a person I know. She always convinced that there is always a way to lead to him, as long as she can never stop in the direction of his dedication to go.
This walk, it took ten years time. The disaster was stopped and he finally returned to his hometown. And she was removed from the distribution of neighboring provinces, cheap replica van cleef arpels vintage necklace one second did not hesitate, dragged the suitcase flew to the station.
She finally stopped him on the way to the blind date, he had only one photo of her memory, but she was to him, but it is love for ten years. In the moment he saw him, she smiled and relieved, said: people on the photos for ten years, and finally met you. He was ten years later in a second, so she was easily captured.
They spent a lot of years together, life changed a lot of color, but it is difficult to change the way they walk; holding hands, shoulders and shoulder; standing time,best replica van cleef arpels alhambra 10 motifs necklace the head will be slightly leaning on Together, like a plump flower.
Only their own clear, so that an outsider seems wonderful moments, in the time of the disc has been how hard to polish, only bloom out of today's simple and elegant posture