Perlee Clover Bracelet,White Gold,Medium Model  Marriage is a very test of people's imagination, cheap van cleef arpels jewelry so different people will have different results to marry him, there will be some incredible proposal, and now quickly look together.
First, fashion bustling way to marry him: downtown to marry him
Sichuan Yibin a man in order to meet the 3 years of his girlfriend surprise, and a group of friends after consultation, the election in the Tanabata Festival day to marry. And this group of friends, and he usually never met a group of friends from the Yibin bar. cheap van cleef arpels vintage alhambra long necklace replica They are spontaneous to help arrange the venue, to maintain order. 8:30 or so, the heroine arrived at the scene, an outdoor advertising big screen began to play the video, the video shows a scene moving picture and two wonderful moments of life. As a result of prior knowledge, the girls surprised at the scene moved to tears. After two years of watching the past three shadows video, the female is more tears. Marry me! Actor single knee, a true confession, affectionate staring heroine.
Second, the history of more domineering to marry the way: advertising to marry
 This thing happened in Chongqing, her boyfriend advertised to marry. In this ad, ingenious actor PAUL with a short English to the heroine He Jiaxi KIMI expressed love, translation is, He Jiaxi Kimi: sweetheart, we have been together 1749 days, I know you are my only, I Would you like to spend the rest of your life with you, so please marry me! best copy van cleef arpels sweet alhambra butterfly mini bracelet I LOVE YOU! Paul.
Third, the occasion to marry the way: in the musical "first love" after the curtain call to the first girlfriend to marry him
Tanabata night, Meng Jinghui's musical "first love" played in Chongqing. After the curtain call, the audience staged an unexpected proposal, romantic so that the audience moved. As the mysterious guest debut of the actor is very shy, he almost took a deep breath to speak: I came here today to marry! Attracted behind the scenes screaming again and again. He said the girl is his first love, when today's Tanabata Festival, specifically to pull the card. But he wanted to round a dream, van cleef arpels motifs alhambra earrings replica to his love of people to hold a ceremony to marry, hoping to get all the witnesses of the audience, and get everyone's blessing. I do not know my girlfriend sitting in a row, in order to prepare the marriage proposal, I separated from her for a long time, I hope you can stand up and waved. At this time, the audience also followed to booing: stand up, stand up! Then the heroine surprise came to power, moved the tears crying makeup or has been kept falling, the scene is very romantic and moving.
Fourth, the history of surprise to marry the way: in their get off work on the road to marry him
August 23 at 8:30 pm, in Xi'an,van cleef arpels lucky alhambra butterfly ring replica the door of the Civil Aviation Hospital, carefully arranged roses, candles, and marry me; LED only to wait for a girl to come, the girls without the knowledge, in the boyfriend's small sea under the single Kneeling, roses, vowed to be moved under the tears. And so did the heroine reaction over, the wedding ring has been slowly landing from the air, which is marrying, marry me, see the man's strong tone,replica van cleef arpels perlee bracelet pendant necklace ring the woman moved. Marry him! Marry him! In the voice of the blessing of nearly 50 people, the woman responded loudly to me.